Who Am I?

I am Joanne. I also refer to myself as Jo. My other names are Mum or Mummy (Depending on which child is talking to me) and BollyDophie. I use BollyDophie as a user name for a lot of websites as it incorporates my Children’s names and gives me some privacy as far as real life goes.

At the time of writing (22/05/17) I am 33 years 8 months old. I am a single mother to two children aged 8 and 4. As with most parents, they are my world. They may appear from time to time on various posts and streams that I participate in.

I colour, read, watch TV and movies, blog and craft. Read on for a bit about each of my hobbies.
Colouring: I have always coloured. Before Adult Colouring became a thing, I was forever colouring pictures from my children’s colouring books. Now I have my own books. Which they make me share sometimes. I don’t like sharing. I suppose it’s only fair though.
Reading: I have had a love for reading for as long as I can remember. I first read “adult” reading books with Stephen King’s Pet Sematary when I was about 11. Now, I still love a good horror, but have discovered Graphic Novels (not the superhero type ones) and YA/NA Fantasy style books so they feature heavily in my reading list.
TV and Movies: I am obsessed with TV at this exact moment. I love nothing better than binge watching a series or three. Current favourites include Supernatural, The Flash, Scorpion and Silicon Valley. My number one show of all time is Haven. With regards to films, I love a good horror thriller or a kids film but I can take or leave them. I go through stages where I watch loads and sometimes I don’t watch any.
Blog: This is it. I also have Instagram, Tumbler, Twitter and Facebook. It’s slow going and I’m just starting out but I am hoping to get my name out there.
Craft: I love to craft things. Pretty things.

Back to my kids. My Son or Little Man as I call him, is 8. He loves all things Gamer. He is an avid Roblox and Minecraft player. I’ve even learnt how to play a few things too so that’s always a bonus. He’d much rather be playing on the laptop, or tablet than outside. He is also the MOST considerate child I have ever met. My Daughter aka Little Miss, is 4. She is an adorable monster. She comes out with things that most kids wouldn’t even know. She is brutally honest and I can always rely on her to tell me if “My bum looks big in this”. She’s a massive fan of colouring like me.

So, as well as here, I can be found in a few other places. Click the links below to check me out (Oo Er Missus 😉 )

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