Unfinished Books

A list of books I have started but not finished. I will include reasons as to why I haven’t finished it. Sometimes it may be as simple as not liking the story and other times there may be more reasoning behind it.

Check out my post about why I’m logging unfinished books here

1) Title: The Island (Fallen Earth Book 1)
Author: Michael Stark
Date Started: 10th July 2017
Date Abandoned: 11th July 2017
Reason: Couldn’t get into the story, struggled to feel a connection to the main character and although short, the thought of having to work through seven separate books of a story I wasn’t 100% sure on put me off
How I acquired the book: Bought as a freebie from Amazon UK on 07/08/2013
Percentage read: 37%

2) Title: Household Tales By Brothers Grimm
Author: Grimm Brothers
Date Started: 14th July 2017
Date Abandoned: 15th July 2017
Reason: Ive read it before
How I acquired the book: Bought as an amazon freebie on 25th July 2013
Percentage read: 2%