Library and Me

This is my second random post of the week, I need to keep up with the writing so please bear with me. The first is my Netgalley post.

This time I shall write about my experience with the local library and their system.

Back in 2015, I decided it was about time I rejoined the library. I used to use it a lot as a teenager (no money plus free books equalled heaven) but stopped as I got older. I also thought it would be good to sign the kids up.

I have used my library a couple of times in the past two years but not all that often. The books I want are either not there or reserved by about fifty people so the waiting list is really long.

I like reading graphic novels, and one I really wanted was available to order in from another nearby library. I requested it through their internet system and received an email a few weeks later when it had arrived for collection. Upon picking it up, I was charged 60p for the reservation. Now I don’t begrudge paying 60p to the library, after all they look after books, but what I do take issue with is that I wasn’t made aware of this at any point during the reservation process. I went back to check afterwards and it was in the FAQs but I never check those unless I’m having problems – so that’ll teach me.

The best bit about my library (and lots of other libraries) is that they now have moved towards the digital age and offer an ebook service through BorrowBox. It’s available as an app and you can use it for audiobooks and ebooks. The only two downsides I have found to BorrowBox is that you only get two weeks on your loan instead of the standard three weeks, and the library selection for my branch is pretty lacking.

BorrowBox is sectioned by libraries and you can only borrow books from the catalogue of your local branch, you don’t get access to the whole of the uk. If this was possible, I would never need to buy another book again.

The graphic novel section both in my library and the app are desperately lacking anything in the way of graphic novels. There’s a lot of one issue Japanese comics but none of the popular GNs that people want to read. As for the app section, there is a service that a number of other uk libraries use called Comics Plus, and they offer comics and graphic novels to library customers. I asked my library about offering the service and got a reply that said they’d look at it if enough people were interested but that the library service only has limited funding. They didn’t say that they would launch any information or make enquiries as to whether people would be interested. So all in all, a waste of time on my part.