What My Kids are READING

My kids read. A lot. This is one thing (amongst many many others) that I am super proud of them for. Of course, this stems from my own love of reading. If I didn’t read, I don’t think the amount they read would bother me as much so to see them curled up with a book is pretty amazing.

My son is 8. He has really come on in his reading over the past year and is starting to venture into the kind of books that I would have read when I was his age. My daughter is 4. She is currently into picture books but I imagine when she starts school in September that will change (hopefully, and if not then so be it. It won’t matter to me if she decides she isn’t much of a reader).

I’ve been reading for as long as I can remember. I was reading Stephen King books at age 11 so it has always been a big part of my life no matter how little I read sometimes. I love nothing more than sitting down with the children and reading with or to them. I am currently working my way through the Harry Potter books by reading to them at bed time. Not only is fun for me as I get to re-read the stories, I also get to see them through their eyes. I only wish we had Harry Potter when I was their ages. Instead, I had Alice in Wonderland. It still remains one of my favourite books to this day.

Anyway, the point of this post is really just to share what the children are reading.

What are your children reading?


Being A Reading Mum

If you've taken the time to read my "about" page then you'll know I have two (wonderful) children.
I see other "Reading Mums" through their blogs and various social networking sites that are plowing through books like there's no tomorrow and I can't help but feel insanely jealous.
Here I am, managing to find maybe twenty to thirty minutes a day (usually when I go to bed, quite often falling asleep with my kindle or phone to cuddle with) and my "to read" list getting longer with every living breath.
When the kids are out at school and nursery, once I've done the arbitrary housework etc, I sometimes manage to grab an extra hour reading time but now, the dreaded six week holiday has begun.
Not dreaded because the kids are at home but also dreaded because they ARE at home. I love them being at home. I wish they could stay at home and not go to school. I love spending time on and with them, playing and other exciting things BUT my reading time is dramatically reduced to even less than the required twenty minutes at bedtime because I'm soooo shattered from being fun mum that I struggle with finding time to be Jo.
So I have made a promise to myself (yet another promise, see my post on leaving a book behind) that while I continue to be fun mum for the most part of the day I will set aside random sessions for me to be Jo and do the thing I love the most, READ.