My A to Z Reading Challenge 2017


As I am well on my way to completing my Goodreads Challenge of 100 books (I started at 50, then updated it to 75 and as I have now read 64 books I changed it again to 100), I thought I would try and A to Z Challenge.

The rules: I have to choose, in advance, 27 books. One book starting with each letter of the alphabet and one book that starts with a number. Then over the next few days, weeks, months (however long it takes me), I am to read those books before downloading anymore from my kindle cloud to my actual device.

Another reason I am doing this is that I have over 1000 books in my kindle cloud WAITING to be read. This way I will read some of them instead of buying and reading as many new ones (I am allowed to read other books along the way if I need to e.g. for a monthly read in my book club). I could have easily gone through and chosen a book for each letter that was quite high on my “want to” read list rather than just my “to read” list but I felt that this was a slight cop-out. The aim is to reduce my list, and that includes all the books that I might slightly wish I hadn’t downloaded just because it was FREE.

Below, you will find my list of books… As I finish one, rather than posting individual reviews for each book, I will come back and update my review on this page then they can all be seen in one place.

Just a few things to note about the reviews:

  • I will update details regarding authors etc
  • Start and finish dates will be added
  • Any that I feel deserve more than a brief review will have a link added to the full review
  • The majority of these were free Amazon Kindle books. “The Lost Symbol”, “Unbreakable” and “Full Dark No Stars” are the only exceptions
  • A few of these are “Multi Author” or “Compilation” style books, at least one is educational history based (“Broadmoor Revealed”), one is a complete trilogy in one book (“Xoe Meyers Trilogy”) and one other is a TV show companion (“Grimm The Essential Guide Seasons One and Two”)

My Chosen Books for the A to Z Challenge

# – 100 Doors to Madness

A – Ash

B – Broadmoor Revealed

Started: 8th May 2017 – Finished: 29th May 2017

I love all things macabre and factual. With this being about a well-known asylum and its history I expected some gruesome tales about its prisoners but I didn’t get it. We get basic details about crimes committed but more about the evolution of the asylum due to its escapees. All in all a decent read, quite interesting.

C – Cult Classics for the Modern Cult

Started: 19th June 2017 – Finished: 22nd June 2017

I thought this was going to be well-known cult classics rewritten for a modern audience but I didn’t recognise any of the stories included so maybe it’s supposed to be new ones for the modern day. Who knows.


E – Exoskeleton

F – Full Dark, No Stars

G – Grimm: The Essential Guide to Seasons 1 & 2

Started: 4th May 2017 – Finished: 8th May 2017

Being a fan of the TV show, when this came up as free on Amazon Kindle I decided I’d download it and have a little read through. It gives information on some of the TV shows characters and the Wesen they encounter. Other than that, it’s full of stills from on set etc. Not all that interesting and doesn’t really tell the reader anything they didn’t already know as a viewer.


H – Hushabye

I – Itch

J – Jeffrey Dahmer

K – (The) Knowledge Book 1 The Children

L – (The) Lost Symbol

M – Monster Gauntlet

N – Nightfall Gardens

O – Onyx Dragon

P – (The) Picture of Dorian Gray

Q – Qualify

R – (The) Red Fairy Book

S – Steampunk Fairy Tales

T – Timmy Failure

Started: 18th April 2017 – Finished: 4th May 2017

When I downloaded this for free from Amazon I expected a Graphic Novel. What I got was a story with some illustrations to go alongside it. That being said it was still a decent book, definitely aimed at the kids. Timmy and his Polar Bear run a detective agency which his mum puts kosh too.


U – Unbreakable

V – Vampire University

W – Where the Teddy Bears Have Their Picnic

Started: 3rd July 2017 – Finished: 10th July 2017

When I first started this book, I very nearly gave up. There were quite a high number of typos and formatting issues with the book that it made it quite unpleasant to read. As the story progressed, the typos and other issues became less noticeable, I felt myself being drawn into the world it was creating.

Full Review


X – Xoe Meyers Trilogy

Y – Year of The Dead

Z – Zoo’d

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