Review: Dark Matter

Dark MatterDark Matter by Blake Crouch

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch crosses boundaries that I have never read before. I’ve read science fiction but nothing like this.
I struggled with the first 50 or so pages of this book, almost to the point of giving up but I am glad I stuck with it. It does start to pick up as we get further along. It must have done otherwise I wouldn’t have given it 5 stars.

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Review: Ready Player One

Ready Player OneReady Player One by Ernest Cline

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I read this book off the back of a very high number of positive reviews from my fellow reading friends over at Book Club on Facebook.
I was really excited to start it, purely based on the number of people that rated it highly AND that a friend that doesn’t read very often had read it 3 times in a very short space of time.
I.Was.Not.Disappointed. And I don’t think you will be either.

Meet Wade, or Parzival as the majority of people know him. He lives and breathes the OASIS. The OASIS is a worldwide interactive virtual universe. People do everything within the OASIS.
As for the main story, Parzival and a million other OASIS users are in direct competition, solving challenges looking for an easter egg left by the games creator when he dies. That’s pretty much it. It may sound simple but the way that Cline managed to make the world work, whilst also pulling gaming and 80s references from left, right and centre is fantastic. A simple idea couldn’t be more complex in its appearance.

Based in America, a lot of the references to 80s gaming, music and films were Amercian BUT they weren’t that American that non-Americans (like me, a Brit) wouldn’t understand them. Some of the games weren’t released over here but I still had enough “gaming” knowledge to know exactly what was meant.

This was an absolutely fabulous read and one that I am glad I bought.

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