Colouring Book Review: Adult Colouring Books: An Enchanted World

I didn’t read the part where it states the size of the book so was surprised when it was smaller than A4/Standard however that doesn’t really take away from the quality of the images. Sometimes a smaller book can mean lower resolution images but this book has perfect drawings throughout. The pictures are adorable. So many different pictures, all incorporated and created with flowers.
The paper is quite thin for colouring with markers or pens, paper or card is definitely needed behind the pictures if colouring in the book, or you could remove the pages as you colour them like I do. I also found the paper to be quite rough making it harder to lay down a smooth colour with my fineliners. The paper buckled slightly when I coloured a large area in the same colour – due to the wet of the pen.
Pros: Easy size to handle and take on the move with you
The Pictures are adorable (although if flowers aren’t your thing then you may not be as keen)
Single Sided
Easy to remove pages to colour if you need to
Cons: The paper is a bit thin for using pens (which is my preferred choice of medium) and buckles slightly if too wet
Easy 4/5 stars for this colouring book

Book received in return for a fair review


The book can be purchased here: Amazon UK

Colouring Book Review: Adult colouring books: Mandala Magic a zen mandala colouring book (Midnight Edition)

I love midnight colouring books but finding a decent one is hard. I’ve purchased (& returned) many different midnight versions of books. Usually because there isn’t enough “midnight” in the pictures.
For my review of this book I tested gel pens, fine liners and pencil crayons (see completed pics for how they turned out).

The paper in this book is of a better quality than another book that I have had from the same supplier/creator in that it is slightly thicker. You can feel a decent weight to the pages. That being said, bleed through would still occur so remove the pages or place thick quality card behind it.
Pencil Crayons – Not my preferred choice of media but the paper has a decent tooth to it that allows the colour to be lifted from the pencil easily allowing room for blending and layering.
Gel Pens – I loved using my gel pens on this picture. The tooth was enough to ensure a thick drawn out lay down of colour from the gel pen with none of the streakiness you’d get on completely smooth paper, yet not too toothy that it caused jags and rips. I also found that the paper could withstand a decent amount of ink without buckling.
Fine liners – This is why the book only gets 4 stars from me. I’m a fine liner girl and I prefer to only colour in fine liners. ALL THE TIME haha. The tooth on the page didn’t work so well with fine liners. I found it quite hard to lay down a smooth colour run.

The book is a decent size, perfect for putting in your handbag and taking out with you.
There are over 40 images in the book, all mandalas and all with a varying difficulty levels.
The front cover has a waxy/rubbery feel to it which takes a bit of getting used too but after a while I quite liked it. I sat and stroked it for a bit haha.

Oooooo and the Sakura Gelly Roll Medium White Pen looks AMAZING on the black paper.

Book received in return for an honest review

The book can be purchased here: Amazon UK