Writing From A Prompt #4

The second one for today, as all previous ones comes from Book Club. This was one of my favourites to write and if everything goes to plan, I’d like to go back and write more on this one day.


You can imagine what I first thought of when I saw the yellow brick road. I tried to extend on this without copying the original story and this is what I came up with.

Susan wondered what on earth had happened. She had woke up as normal this morning to the sound of her alarm. She got dressed, had breakfast and set off on her journey to work. Coming up to Farrington Park, she noticed that the entrance had a strange ethereal feel to it. Something definitely wasn’t the same as it was on her way home yesterday. Upon approach, she started to notice a shimmer from the path. Getting closer, Susan was surprised to see that the bricked path had been painted yellow. Not just your normal, run of the mill yellow but golden. Shiny golden bricks adorned the way to her work place. Looking at her watch and not wanting to be late she ventured warily onto the bricks. The ground didn’t open and she felt that they were as solid as they normally were so she continued on her way. After walking along the golden floor for a while she started to wonder whether she was actually going to end up at work. All of a sudden she noticed a white rabbit in a waistcoat go running past her in the same direction. The rabbit appeared to be talking to himself, but he was moving so fast that she couldn’t tell what he was saying. Confused, but still not wanting to be late, Susan carried on walking. A little further down the path and she noticed she had reached the boating pond. Only now it seemed bigger. More like the sea than a pond. Squinting so she could see properly, in the distance, Susan was absolutely sure there was a ship flying the jolly roger, and a boy flying after it. Shaking her head and pinching herself to see if she was dreaming, she carried on. What a weird day today was turning out to be. After continuing for a while longer, she looked straight ahead, as far as she could see the path seemed to end just a few yards ahead. Reaching the end, she noticed a pair of sparkly red shoes. The shoes didn’t seem to be attached to anyone, just there, in the middle of the path. Susan loved the shoes but really wasn’t sure what was happening. She had seen too many strange things today. Feeling curious, she bent down to inspect the glittery footwear in more detail. They seemed to have a piece of paper underneath the toes of one of the shoes. Lifting the shoe to retrieve the paper, she stood back up and read it out loud “Wear Me” the paper said.

(428 words)



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