To Quit or Continue

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had to finish a book. To never abandon a book before the final page because I didn’t like it/couldn’t read it/hated the storyline (delete as appropriate). 

However, because of this stubbornness I sometimes found myself stuck with a book for three or four months (maybe longer in some cases), slowly plodding through but making little to no progress each time I picked it up. I began to find that this caused a disinterest to develop somewhere within. A disinterest towards reading and I really hated that feeling. I’ve loved reading since I was a child, from my first books (The Magic Faraway Tree amongst others) to what I choose to read today. This developing lack of “want” towards reading makes me sad. 

I decided, this year, that I’m going to make a change. I have over 1000 books that I own (in paperback or ebook) that are WAITING TO BE READ plus about another 1000 that I want to own and read so it came down to decision time.

This is my plan:

– I will attempt to read every book I own
– I will NOT log it on Goodreads as currently reading until I have decided to stick with it
– I WILL log every book in a notebook, as it helps me keep track
– I am prepared to read up to the halfway mark before making a decision
AND (this is probably the most

Saying this out loud makes it sound like a doable plan. How far I get with it will definitely be an interesting journey.

If you’re interested in following, stay tuned to my blog. Reviews will only be posted for COMPLETED reads and any books I do not finish will be logged on this page. I will include the title, author, how I came to own the book, date I abandoned the book, a reason why and how far into the book I got. Also, any other information that I feel is relevant.

I need to stop feeling scared of not finishing a book and start weeding out the books from my TBR pile that don’t really deserve to be there.

What about you? Do you finish every book? Have you ever abandoned a book? How did it make you feel?


2 thoughts on “To Quit or Continue

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