GoodReads and Me

GoodReads is a website that acts like an online book catalogue and review site. It has thousands of books listed that members can log as “want to read”, “read” or “currently reading”. It allows the members to update progress as they read through books by offering the option of updating current page number or percentage for eBook users. GoodReads is now part of Amazon, it was originally its own company but Amazon saw the potential and made it part of their own quick growing portfolio.

I first joined in 2014 and have been a part-time user until the past 12 or 18 months when I decided it really was a good way of keeping track of what I was reading and what I wanted to read.

Around March of 2017, I made the decision to “wipe the slate clean” on my GoodReads account. I spent ages clearing every single book out of all my lists (and I had a lot). It was around the same time I started this blog, and I had ideas how I wanted my GoodReads account to look so a fresh start seemed the best option.
Now, on GoodReads, my “Read” list only includes books read during 2017 (moving forward it will obviously include books from future years), my “currently reading” is exactly that, no change there and my “want to read” currently only includes books that I own either in ebook or paperback.
One other feature I have just started using is the “shelves” option. Alongside the standard shelves, you can create your own shelves, call them anything you want and use them as a way to categorise your books. My only issue is that if you add a book to a user-created shelf, GoodReads automatically adds it to your read pile so my dreams of having a “Need to Buy” or similar kind of list went out the window with that one. I have to use my Amazon wishlist for this feature.

This photo shows my current shelves:

I have linked my blog (this one) to my GoodReads account so I no longer have to copy and paste every time I review a book. GoodReads sends the review straight through to here as a draft so that I can edit, add categories and tags as required. This works so much better for me as in the past with other (failed) attempts at blogging, time was something I didn’t seem to have a lot of.

As a final question, to you, have you ever won anything from any of the giveaways listed on GoodReads? I’ve entered quite a lot but never won anything.

If you want to find me, my GoodReads profile is here.

4 thoughts on “GoodReads and Me

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    • I have heard of others in the US winning, never anyone from the uk though. Also, in a different book group, the same people have won multiple times. I’m sure that it is a little skewed.


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